Office Hours

What’s the deal?

I’m offering two hour blocks, free of charge, to any company in San Francisco proper. It’d be nice if you had a RedBull there for me, but it’s not mandatory. I know the boot strapping game.

What’s the catch?

The clients that really need my help and benefit from my particular skill set are typically few and far between. Their marketing challenges are far and above the marketing challenges that most early stage organizations are facing. However, I’ve boot strapped several companies using the marketing tactics I espouse, and I really enjoy helping early stage companies get their marketing together.

As an investment in my own personal marketing I can give away some of my time every month. While your organization may not be able to afford my rate, you can get my time with office hours, and when someone asks you about these kind of problems, you’ll have first hand experience of my process and expertise. If you liked my help, hopefully my name will come up.

Finally, I really enjoy the serendipity of meeting new people. I spend as much time consulting to pay my bills as I do connecting people who can collaborate together to improve their products, offer complementary services, and generally benefit the world by knowing each other. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve met many talented founders and hackers. I’m always looking for more though.

The best way to setup office hours with me is through email.